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  • HI, I am Arush Mendiratta. I am a business major at Stony Brook University

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  • arush wrote a new post, Intro to WOLFIE 2 years ago

    I recently joined WOLFIE to earn extra credit for WRT 102 looks confusing hope I find my way around

  • DOCHOI wrote a new post, Blog #10 Recap 2 years ago

    At the beginning of WRT 102, I was very relucted. I didn’t like that Stony Brook forced us to take a writing class to graduate. English was always a hard topic for me since English is my second language, s […]

  • ndzikowski wrote a new post, Let's Recap 2 years ago

    My experiences with writing this semester have definitely been a mix of ups and downs, but they all ended up rewarding me with huge development as a writer. I started off not having written a proper essay in […]

    • Understanding the writing process — and especially the time it takes to brainstorm, develop, refine, and revise — can help with procrastination. Do you know the pomodoro method? It can be really helpful in setting and meeting writing goals. Hope you enjoy some well-deserved pleasure reading this summer!


    Writing 102 has changed me in more ways than one. Before I took this class I was an exclusively creative writer, reading mostly fiction and using my own imagination to make works of my own. While I had […]

  • At the beginning of this semester I was confident in my writing ability. Like any skill I knew it could be improved upon, but I had always viewed myself as being talented writer. Writing has always been the […]

  • When it comes to the writing we did this semester, I have to say I am quite proud of the progress I’ve made. To start, the most important aspect I’ve learned is still how to cite and use my sources. Through the […]

  • At the beginning of the semester, academic writing was just something that I did pretty well the first time. I never put in much effort, but I usually got an A so I didn’t care. Once I finished my first draft, the […]

  • Going back to the beginning of the semester, I thought this was going to be a very standard writing course, like the ones I took before in high school. I thought we would have readings every day, discuss the […]

  • I don’t know what I expected sitting in the Humanities computer lab that first week of class in late January. I knew that Writing 102 was a required class for all Stony Brook students, and I was biting the bullet […]

    • You are a natural when it comes to titles — have enjoyed your blog and essay titles. Maybe that’s your journalism training? In any case, it works.

  • EABPLANALP wrote a new post, looking back 2 years ago

    Throughout this past semester, I have had the privilege of learning more about myself as a writer as well as the art of writing through taking Writing 102. In this course, I have learned more about what rhetoric […]

    • Thanks, Emily. I agree with you that this course asks students to “dig deeper,” and, most importantly, to be open to learning. And I learned alot from reading your essays — thanks for that!

  • Writing to me was an interesting concept to me early on because it allowed me to express myself when I want; the key word here is want. Thus, I didn’t really enjoy academic writing. Being forced to write d […]

  • This year I learned that the hardest thing for me to do in regard to writing papers is just starting them and trying to get good work done while not rushed for time. For whatever reason, it seemed so much easier […]

    • So happy that you have changed your mind about sharing your drafts with others and getting feedback. There’s no shame in peer review!! Asking for a trusted friend to read works-in-progress and offer suggestions for improvement is so important and helpful. Glad you will take that lesson with you as you continue to grow as a writer.

  • Writing has never been my strong point and my interest has always been toward the STEM field. I never found writing enjoyable mostly because there are so many rules one must follow. What I can express through […]

    • “I felt the freedom in writing as a bird that flies away from its cage.” Great metaphor. I learned alot about chess and gender from reading your essays. More than once this semester I found myself at the chess tables in Union Square Park or Washington Square Park thinking about your research — I never saw a woman / girl among the players. I hope you continue to write about and share what you learned so that this will change.


    I have learned a tremendous amount about writing from taking Writing 102 this semester. I learned that academic writing can be very fun and entertaining and not something to be alarmed about. I used to dread […]

    • Thanks for this, J! Easing up a bit on the perfectionism in the early stages of writing is super important. It’s hard to remember this when we care deeply about the ideas we are conveying or about the audience we want to reach. But perfect doesn’t happen in one sitting/draft/day! And it doesn’t happen alone… we need others to help us shape our ideas and the form those ideas take.

  • Going into this semester I did not know what to expect out of WRT 102. The writing I had to do in the previous semester was shorter and didn’t require the same level of drafting, revising, and research that this c […]

  • Throughout WRT 102, I have noticed a huge change in my writing as a whole. From my outlook on my writing to my writing style, I have noticed changes in the way I write for the better. Along with that, I have […]

  • Congrats, fellow Seawolves! We did it – we are almost finished with WRT 102! For me (and I’m sure for many of us), this was my first college-level writing class. And boy, did I learn that college-level writing is […]

    • I like the flight of stairs metaphor — the way that each step in the writing process builds on a previous step. Super important. And ensuring that you give yourself enough time to take each step matters, too. Great work this semester!

  • This semester has completely changed my view of writing. It used to be something tedious that I had to do to because I needed to get the grade. After writing throughout this semester, I no longer think of writing […]

  • Right after I submitted my researched argument something hit me. I wrote three essays. I did it, it was finally over. When I was making my schedule last semester, I dreaded having to take WRT 102 because I didn’t […]

    • I’m glad you learned tp be patient with yourself through the writing process, Kelvin, and that there is no perfect first draft (or even a perfect second or third draft…). Thanks for your good work this semester — I don’t think I will ever think about or approach hand-washing the same way!

  • Over the course of the semester, my most prominent change in my writing has been my process. Depending on the assignment, I spent anywhere from 1-3 days on an essay at most with maybe one revision session. This […]

  •      Over the course of the semester, my understanding of academic writing has changed completely. I became more comfortable with writing argumentative pieces, understanding how to back my claims up correctly wi […]

  • Writing wasn’t that hard for me, at least that’s what I used to believe. I used to believe that I ‘m good with words, and I can express my feelings freely through them. But everything changed when I had to write […]

  • This semester is probably the worst semester I had before. All the classes I took are upper level classes. These classes all have tons of homework to do and most of them usually took me at least couple days to […]

  • mwashock wrote a new post, Refelections 2 years ago

    Throughout this semester, my process of writing has changed entirely. In high school, I was always given formats and outlines to follow. In WRT 102, we were not given any specific outlines that were necessary […]

  • brguthy wrote a new post, Reflections 2 years ago

    As the spring semester comes to a close, the final days of WRT 102 are upon us. While undoubtedly this class required a large commitment to producing qualifying works, I was shocked to recognize the results of my […]

  • Before taking WRT 102, the last time that I can honestly say that I wrote an essay was more than a year ago. I spent my time in class writing persuasive and synthesis essays- rarely given assignments on rhetoric […]

  •           Over the course of the semester, I was able to grow as a writer in several ways. In terms of rhetoric, I was able to demonstrate effective storytelling through the Literacy Narrative. Through mult […]

    • I love the lifelong learning/growth mindset expressed here, Jessica. WRT 102 is a single course, but learning through and with writing is something we continue to do over a lifetime.

  • MABRAUN wrote a new post, Looking Back 2 years ago

    In terms of how I view my own writing, this semester has been extremely impactful. I think in high school, I was good at writing for the most part, but made some real progress with a particular teacher that gave […]

  • Over the course of Wrt 102, I have to say this semester was one of the busiest semesters in terms of academics. Aside from all other tests, assignments, and reports steadily filling up my schedule day in and day […]

  • Writing has never been my cup of tea—it just wasn’t for me. There was just something about constructing words of sentences of paragraphs of an essay that proved to be difficult for me. In some aspects, I con […]

  • I remember the first day that I came to class, I having not took a college level writing class yet, was nervous yet excited at the same time. I did not know how different it was going to be from my highschool […]

  • Well, this is the end of the road (hopefully). I really enjoyed doing these vlogs because I felt it was a way to express my thoughts and opinions to my classmates. They helped me expand my knowledge and writing […]

    • You grew alot in the course, Hailey, and it was fun to witness it and help in some small way. I appreciate your great attitude and sense of humor — keep striving and stay in touch!

  • Welp, this is it, last blog post. I had fun doing these throughout the semester as I expressed myself through informal thought. And that’s what I feel this whole semester was about – expression! While composing […]

    • Glad you will think more about the reader now! Understanding your reader (they they know and believe, what they care about) is so important in shaping and conveying your ideas and perspectives. Rhetoric is a cool bag o’ tricks….

  • Ahhhh, Writing 102. I did not want to take this class but I had no choice since it’s a requirement. Unsurprisingly, while I love to write, I don’t like writing essays with an overhanging deadline or as a […]

  • From the reading, I found couple helpful points that can improve my skills of using sources in my essay. First of all, the author shows the good and bad example of quoting a source. The way that we should avoid to […]

  • In the reading, the author pointed out a lot of useful points to develop and plan our research argument. First he mentioned that we have to be sure that what is the purpose of this research and who are we […]

  • Before I enrolled in Writing 102, I had a good understand of the topics of rhetoric, academic writing, and research because of the AP writing classes I took in high school. I was very skeptical of this course […]

  •           Throughout this semester, our assignments have progressively changed from personal to academic, ensuring that we had a wide range of abilities. By beginning with a narrative I was able to find my voic […]

  • This past semester I have taken Writing 102. It would be wrong of me to say that this past semester I enjoyed Writing 102. I think that as a class, Writing 102 is too general for the entire first-year class of […]

  • Boy oh boy how far we have come. We’ve came so far since i wrote my first blog on January 31st. Its now a few months after that and so much has changed since then. However not so much has changed with my writing. […]

  • Over the course of the semester, I learned a lot about my writing style and how it differs from my peers. I saw that I am a messy writer. My ideas jump from place to place: making connections here and there. In […]

    • Becky — you worked very hard this semester and I hope you are proud of yourself for that. I agree with Lauren — don’t lose confidence in your writing abilities. It’s common and OK to stumble during the learning process — it can feel overwhelming sometimes but that’s when we grow. Step by step, word by word, star by star. Just reach out to trusted friends and professors for support and help when you need it. Stay in touch!

  • Over the course of the semester, my understanding of different components of writing has developed. My understanding of rhetoric has changed by making me see how crucial it is to a piece of writing. The subject of […]

  • I have taken WRT101 twice, so I am pretty familiar of a I-search paper. In general, drug use and underage drinking are popular topics for I-search paper. According to my experience, I’ve picked a topic that is too […]

  • sealai wrote a new post, School Pressure 2 years ago

    After listening to the audio and reading the literature done by William Zinsser, I found myself strongly related to the subject’s situation. As an international students, it is easier for us to fall apart on […]

  • When I first notice that we have to write a research paper that focus more on the process of the research than the result of the it, couple topics pop up in my mind. The first thing that shows up in my mind is the […]

  • My understanding on basic things such as academic writing and research changed a great deal. Coming into college in general I had always thought I was an exceptional writer as my English teacher last year had many […]

  • While researching the positive effects of immigration, I was amazed by how little research there is. Only a few trusted and reliable sources covered the topic. But even still, within the research papers itself, […]

  • Since doing research about my topic, the most interesting thing that I have learned is that anxiety has surpassed depression as the most common mental health disorder, affecting anywhere from between 38% to 55% of […]

  • I’ve always taken a liking for space. While others “fear the unknown,” I wonder and want to learn more about the unknown. Space is vastly filled with mysteries and secrets. Recently, NASA has managed to render an […]

  • It is not surprising that STEM majors are the ones most often dropped in college. Biology, engineering, and math have been known to be some of the most difficult subjects to study. Not only are they difficult to […]

  • I have been looking into “designer babies” for this short period now. I think what is most surprising about this journey is the fact that the entire process of designing a baby has been around for a lot longer […]

  • The most surprised thing I have learned is that stereotype of women being lesser than man in chess can psychologically affect women. When a woman plays against a woman, they perform better than when a […]

  • I’ve recently spent a lot of time reading into the detailed processes behind the in vitro process of “designing babies”. I think a very common misconception associated with designer babies is that people think […]

  • In my research, I think the most surprising piece of information that I have learned is why there is no cure for HIV/AIDS. So to begin with this topic, we have to talk with the best way to deal with viruses; […]

  • I think the most surprising thing that I’ve learned about my topic so far is that there have been situations where the fashion industry or a particular show has classified a model of or around size 8 as “plus siz […]

  • Over the past few years, the typical stereotype was that avid video game players are social loners who put video games first and everything else second, including less interaction with real life friends in a […]

  • Before conducting research on my topic regarding health care systems in developing countries like Cambodia and how they compare the U.S., I was not aware of how lucky we have it. A majority of the population does […]


    If there is something I learned about the media from my study of Islamophobia in new and politics, it is the influence media has on public opinion and in reverse, how the public influences media. The topic […]

  • For some context, my topic is about why doctors get paid so much compared to most other jobs and whether it’s possible to decrease wages, while still maintaining the quality of the health care industry. I think i […]

  • After finding further research identifying the addition array of struggles bisexual identifying individuals face in comparison to their LG(B)TQ+ and straight community counterparts, I think I was most unsettled by […]

  • While researching my topic of vaccines, there have been many things I have learned that surprised me. If I had to pick one fact that surprised me the most, it would be that vaccines have only proven to cause harm […]

  • The most surprising thing about y topic for the research paper is that there is no con side. During our research session in the library I could find no articles that were against an alternative to antibiotics. […]

  • I have gotten a new perspective on my topic which is ability grouping. I have learned that many people that feel passionate about this topic are parents of high functioning students or the parents of kids with […]