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What I learned from Rebacca Johns’ Article?

Posted on October 9, 2018

The first thing I learned is that we need to think outside of the text. This means that we need to think about why the author writes a certain article. Critical thinking is very essential in reading an article prior to composing an essay. We should also be able to think about some points that the author missed to discuss in his or her article. Doing like this, we will be able to bring some insightful views. For example, if the author thinks that having insufficient money to purchase life essentials increases the crime rates in the United States. We should think outside of the box to see why the author makes the argument or whether there is something else the author would like to share with the readers. This is easier said than done due to the fact that most people have the tendency to simply accept what the author says in his or her article.

In addition, we need to know the logic behind the text. The author uses different structures for reasoning his or her argument. We need to figure out and identify the major premise, minor premise and conclusion. By doing so, we will be able to better understand what information the author wants to convey. For example, if someone says that all D are F and all F are H. When the author makes this argument, we automatically will come to a conclusion that all F are H.

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