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WOLFIE blog post#1

Posted on September 3, 2018

It’s the time for back to school and study. I got a rest summer vacation, reading some books by Agatha Christie which is my favorite writer. I feel when I start school, I became busy for courses, does not have free time to read a good book. Then talk about the courses I take this semester, I got four math classes, those classes give me a lot pressure already. Hope I can get a great grades at the end of this semester. I read the article The Case Against Grades  by Alfie Kohn. I agree most of his ideas. The grades will let students just study for exams, not for knowledges. Grades will give students pressure sometimes. And Kohn mentions that some middle schools and high schools already use give students assessment to replacing the letter grades. I think this is a good think for students, but I still think grade can be replaced but cannot deleted. Grades can be a standard for students to know where is the weak area for themselves.       Talk about the writing, I think writing is a tool for people to keeping memories and saying what you want to say. The Blog is a good stage for people to write. You can ignore the format, the number of words, just write down the real things you want to say.


  1. fuyang

    I agree with you the idea that grade sometimes give student too much pressure. However, grades can show what the students’ weakness are, and I believe that sometimes student will work harder in order to get a good grade, so it is kind of stimulation. And I agree that Blog is a good stage to write. It gives people a place to write whatever they want to write. Being writing blog will help to improve writing and get more involve to the class.

  2. ccrobinson

    I agree that grades tend to give stress to the students however,the elimination of grades entirely is not a solution to the problem. Grades also tend to not only provide healthy competition but also help us identify and rectify our mistakes for the future. Blogging sure does help us communicate and understand the opinions of the people around us. It is also an effective way to improve our writing skills in a fun manner. I do agree that at times the bog need not be in a formal style.

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