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final blog post, forreal lol

Posted on May 6, 2018

My group  did a spin on “the lesson”.  Our goal was to take the position of white families who were opened to helping but didnt voice that concern because it was easier to be quiet. I wanted the audience to assume that the family only came in to make fun of and degrade the hard workers in the african american communities.  The father was supposed to take his son to pop’s place so that he could understand the troubles people in other communities had to face that they didn’t. The young boy jeremy unintentionally missed certain ques. For example, all of the toys were marked at extremely low prices so that the children could afford it.  Second, the woman behind the desk immediately mistook his father for a debt collector because he was a white man in a button down. Jeremy was supposed to understand the fear of white people that has been installed in the african american community. Lastly, Jeremy was supposed to see that his father gave the store owner 50 dollars to help her with rent, not to make fun of her.

By allowing Jeremy to miss those points, it created an environment for us to create the same “in case you missed it, here’s the lesson” effect as in the original story.  This would’ve been easier to see if my peers stuck to the script and spoke louder. I don’t blame them though, acting is hard and scary. The reason I gave jay and darian so many lines was because   I wrote most of it but I should’ve given lines according to their strengths. Other than speeding through our skit, i loved my group, we were able to get over disputes quickly and enjoy each other’s efforts.

This was an amazing semester, that I am sad to see end because I was able to watch people think in ways i’ve never seen them think, and explore topics relevant to our times.  It was an experience and this group project was a great way to tie it up.


  1. Jessica Hautsch

    I’m glad to read that your group worked well together, and that you were able to fairly divide the work of creating and performing the skit. You did a nice job of following the form of the original story, including your own lesson, which was not identical to, but rather reflected, the lesson of the original. I also loved how your group played with the idea that spaces are classed, something we see in the original. Thanks for another wonderful semester.

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