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Final Thoughts

Posted on May 1, 2019

Over the course of the semester, my understanding of different components of writing has developed. My understanding of rhetoric has changed by making me see how crucial it is to a piece of writing. The subject of a piece of writing can be super basic and not very interesting, but if one has strong rhetoric in their paper, then it can intrigue the reader. It literally is persuasive writing and the most important pieces of writing require one to persuade their audience, so mastering rhetoric is an essential skill to becoming a good writer. My understanding of academic writing has changed through writing the papers. Academic writing consists of many things. It is meant to be educational and look into a particular topic but also include personal connections. Academic writing does not have to be straight up facts, including the personal connections adds some pathos to a paper and it makes it more relatable to the reader and they will keep reading. My understanding of research has changed by showing me that it is an extensive process and requires a lot of patience. Research is what gives you the evidence you need to present a topic and persuade people so it is also a very important part of writing.

I think that over the course of the semester, I have developed into a better writer. I am a strong believer in practice makes perfect, so by writing all of these papers I got to practice and develop my writing skills. I have learned to clearly analyze my thoughts, as that was something that I struggled with before, and that is important because if the reader cannot understand your thought process, then how do they know the purpose of your paper? Another thing that I got better at is research. I learned to make it easier for myself in a sense. I would spend a long time going through a large number of resources looking for what I specifically wanted, but then I was introduced to the databases which helped me narrow my searches. I also learned how to incorporate this research into my papers properly.


  1. Becky Wang

    I also had difficulties with analyzing. This course has been great at improving analysis skills of research. Knowing where and what research to place in the paper was helpful. Rhetoric is a skill that I feel like I would continue to struggle with. I’m glad you felt that you have developed into a better writer. All this writing benefited your repertoire.

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