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I-Search Brainstorming

Posted on March 6, 2019

For the upcoming I-Search Essay, I thought about the topics I wish to explore and learn about. Among many research ideas, ones I found most interesting are sleep, vape and hybrid cars.

Sleep we all know is a crucial pattern of lifestyle and that we can’t live with sleeping. Yet, what can lack of sleep lead to? More specifically, how can lack of sleep affect the lives and performance of college students? Students often don’t get enough sleep due to the overload of activities whether it’s academics or extracurricular or both. I wish to learn the effects of sleep deprivation on students’ academic learning abilities.

Many teens today don’t know the dangerous effects of vapes due to the fact that vapes are generally new and that not a lot of research has been done on the vapes and their effects. Due to this lack of knowledge on what bad e-cigarette can do to the teens, vape uses are becoming more and more prevalent. With increasing amount of teens’ use of vapes today, I am curious as to the effects of vapes on teens and how the use of e-cigarettes can impact the development of their brains.

My last topic I consider learning more about is the hybrid cars. Hybrid cars have been around for a decade or a little more by now. Although they are known to be gas-efficient and cost-effective, how exactly are they both fuel efficient and cheap? In other words, how does a hybrid car work? I’ve always been interesting in cars in general but I don’t know much about the hybrid cars.

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