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Writing ideas

Posted on March 5, 2019

My first idea for the paper is to write about math education. This would include researching on how it should be done. I want to focus on middle and high school education. I want to know what topics should be taught and when they should be taught. In my experience student tend to meet the expectations of the teachers and I want to research how this works and what impact it could have. The method in which math is taught is important and I want to learn more about that to. OVerall on what to research how math should be taught and what topics should be taught.


My next Idea is to research computer education. This topic is important to me as a computer science major. I received a great education in computer science taking many classes. I want to know what students should be learning in computer science at the high school level like what coding languages they should be learning. I also want to research in how schools can get a better develop a better program for computer science since some schools do not offer it. I want to know more on how schools can make computer science interesting to students.



  1. ndzikowski

    Computer science and engineering is a rapidly growing field so I like that you want to research its teaching methods so as to figure out how we can get students engaged in it. It’s a way of integrating technology into people’s lives in a positive and informative way rather than one that could be detrimental to their wellbeing. It would be worth looking into how we can make computer science more simple for students since it can feel like an overwhelming subject.

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