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Posted on February 28, 2019

One the idea that stuck me the most is how much effect a parent’s attention can have on a child. This is also with the idea that stress over long periods of time can affect a child’s learning capabilities. These things according to the podcast have huge impacts on the success of the child latter on in life. When considering the fact that children from low income families do poorly in school I would first think about how they have a lack of resources and that stress in their life is a distraction. The podcast says this combined with how stress makes the brain less focused on cognitive abilities. I never would have thought how that impacts a kids success. I also find interesting is the impact that a college student talking with middle schoolers and high schoolers. The fact that the college student believed in them and showed support improved their chances for success greatly. I think that contrasts greatly with the story of the student who was put into a slow class where nothing was expected from them. Since nothing was expected from them they did not get anything done. I find very interesting about how people’s expectations of others affects how they do and they tend to meet what is expected of them. I also found it interesting in teaching non cognitive skills teachers were able to improve students skills in cognitive areas.



    I really enjoyed your discussion of the impact of parents’ attention on student’s stresses and growth. In high school, I remember learning about a study conducted (the strange situation) that tested how children reacted to adversity as related to the type of relationship that they had with their parent. Children from more nurturing parents tended to react better than those who did not. Studies have also shown these students go on to be more confident and better learners. This is certainly a very thought-provoking post – great job!

  2. sumislam

    I find it interesting how you talked about college students talking to underclassmen affects their success. Goes to show how much people having expectations for you changes the way you think. The more people want you to do well the more motivated your are. If it develops to a level of too much expectations students start getting stressed out. Conversely it seems that having no expectations for a student has the same effect of creating stress, albeit for different reasons.

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