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#Blog Post: 12 – Reflection

Posted on December 10, 2018

As the semester has come to an end, I intend to reflect on the knowledge that I gained from the writing course. Yes, it was challenging but it allowed me to understand my potential in this field. The first assignment, profile essay seemed to be simple at first, however, I could comprehend it’s depth and complexity only after the submission of several drafts. The peer-review sessions were equally helpful as some of the important points were highlighted which I could not have figured otherwise. I was able  to write the content from the reader’s perspective making sure that the statements are not ambiguous and maintaining a smooth transition of ideas between and within paragraphs. The first essay taught me a lot about the grammatical errors that I used to make and also about the appropriate way of sentence formation. In the assignment on rhetorical analysis it was only after several meetings with my professor, that I understood the fundamental way in which it was to be addressed. As it was the first time that I was interpreting an article, I was confused about mentioning my own point of view. I worked on analysing  Nussbaum’s article “Beyond Anger”. In most places, I made the mistake of adding my opinion about the topic instead of quoting her. With practice and continuous reading, I became aware of the three important themes: ethos, pathos and logos. The most interesting but difficult part of writing was the Research Argument. I was very excited about the topic I chose. I wanted to provide an overview of Women’s Safety in India by stating real situations that have occurred in the past. As it was a broad area of research it took me sometime to examine the exact sub-theme I wanted to research on. During this process, I listed the important areas and then formed a specific topic. I specifically learnt how to add quotes, which should not be too long and should be paraphrased at the same time. I also understood how adding evidence is extremely important to support my claim, only then will the readers find it authentic and important to read. I also made sure that I maintained high accuracy in citing my sources by keeping the intricate details in mind. Overall. It was a great learning experience for me. The amount of information I learnt in the course, allowed me to become more confident of my writing skills.





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