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#Blog Post: 11 – How Reading Strategies Helped me

Posted on December 9, 2018

The Says/Does Approach:

The Says/Does Approach to reading has helped me out a lot in my college days so far. Usually when I am faced with big paragraphs while practicing or while writing an exam, this approach really helps me out to figure out the core meaning or the context of the paragraph. Most of the times the paragraph may mention some other words but when concluded, it would mean something else altogether. The author’s words really give into this approach as they may try to say something but put an emphasis on some different words. This helps me save a lot of precious time in my examinations and during my final revisions. It also helps bring clarity into the deeper meaning of the paragraph which altogether helps to differentiate various paragraphs and prevent any confusion that may arise while reading. I would suggest every student to learn this way of reading so that they could get a better understanding of their subject and score better.



Reading Aloud to Paraphrase:

Reading Aloud has really helped me pass through tough readings. What I used to do is just read through any page like it’s a novel not giving attention to any word and trying to make sense of the paragraph. But when I tried this strategy of reading aloud, it has really helped me in getting to know the meaning of the phrases better and knowing the meaning of the various words too. In that way, I rarely ever skip a word while I read it and also it gives me a pronunciation check too as I get to know how a new word is pronounced. By doing this, my mind grasps more information as it relates the meaning of the word with its sound and then instantly makes the meaning clear for me. Most students skim read though the text and because of this they are only able to retain a little to no information, also they end up reading the text more than once which indecisively wastes their time. In my opinion this habit to read aloud so would be helpful to each and every person while tackling various problems related to reading during exams and during quick reading too.


Reading and Evaluating Online Sources:

The thing that helped me complete my research projects in my high school and college was by reading and evaluating online sources. This strategy helps a lot as it not only exposes a person to various chunks of information available on the internet but also enhances the topic by giving facts and formulas related to it. This does not mean that students are advised to just skim through and copy paste the text, it requires us to analyse and evaluate everything because the internet has no regulations. I also take into consideration the domain of the website as to be sure it’s a legit website or not like .gov and .us are US based websites. Also I make sure to check for bibliography and various quotations. If it’s a news article I see for the authors name, the pictures, the facts and most importantly the website, for citing the source. If all of these would be kept in mind, every student would surely be able to excel in this strategy.

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