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#Blog Post: 9 – The Smooth Approach to Writing Research

Posted on December 9, 2018

Writing a research argument may involve a diverse range of ideas to explore the topic. This process of examination could create ambiguity in our thoughts and hence, make it difficult to stick to the main point. We tend to think that writing will be the tough part, however, if we are successful in looking for right information that accurately explains our thesis and describes the crucial components of our topic, then writing the paper just comes to you. I learnt the importance of expressing my opinions by providing evidence to support them. The key element that I acquired while writing my research was the smooth transition within and between paragraphs. Writing is a process that cannot be completed in one day, it has to be developed through continuous revisions. Starting on time, allowed me to make necessary changes and inquire about instructions that were unclear. I gained knowledge about starting the topic in an interesting manner to gain the reader’s attention and ending on a high note, while summarising  the conclusion.


In his article, Kraus discussed about understanding the specificity of our topic in order to identify the direction and main purpose of the research essay and to figure out what the essay is going to discover. The essay according to him means dynamic, flexible, unique and creative as it is not restricted to a routine topic or idea. He has highlighted that using first person pronoun in the essay is not always a bad idea however, repetitions should be avoided. He also pointed out that a working thesis is one that changes and evolves as you write, and it is okay to change the thesis during the writing process. A formal outline must be provided before beginning the essay in order to provide the reader with a summary with what we will be covering in the research study. To provide a strong introduction, forming statements that are unambiguous is extremely important. The best rule of thumb that Kraus considers while writing his research essay is to keep the grammar and syntax short and consistent. Including background information about the topic in order to create the right context for the research is important. Supporting our point with an evidence by citing the reliable sources provides validity to the people reading our research.






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