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Blog#12 revise for eportfolio

Posted on December 10, 2018

Besides revising the essay, I also need to start making my eportfolio. As for me, this is also very important. This is the record of my writing class. I value making my eportfolio very much. This is my first project in college that I can write in my profile after. As for eportfolio, our school resets a new eportfolio. We need to go to the library to attend a special eportfolio session. This is a lesson designed to give us a sense of how to make an eportfolio. Taking this class let me know how to make eportfolio, how to design the layout and add our essay to make it more convenient for readers to read. I designed the welcome page, so that readers can know my background before reading the article, and then the article will be easier for readers to understand. I’ve never done this type of grading in my writing class before, and I find it very novel. As a freshman, I am honored to be admitted into the class WRT102 which is the upper level writing class. I think it is a challenge for me. But I also accept the challenge. I spend a lot of time in the writing class, I hope I can pass the writing class and get good grades. During my revision of my composition, I met with many difficulties. Because my English level is not very good, still need to improve. I started at the edge of C, even below C, not enough to pass the lowest level of this course. I was very worried that my efforts in this semester were in vain. But after many revisions, my composition has improved a lot. So now I’ve got B or even B plus. Although this is not a very good result, it has been a breakthrough for me. This makes me understand that hard work pays off. I will still work on my rivise. We can make progress little by little. I hope I can get a good result and get recognition from teachers and readers. That’s what keeps me going.

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