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Blog#11 Research Paper revise

Posted on December 9, 2018

After discussing with professor lucenko, I revised my research paper. I have never written such a essay before. This challenges not only my English, but also my ability to analyze the social issue. My research topic is poverty in the United States. I found a lot of materials. Such as peer-review articles and some news or newspaper. Poverty is a big social issue in America. The United States of America is one of The world’s most powerful nations, and is The third country in population, which equals to 326, 625, 791 inhabitants. My first draft had a lot of problems. The part of introduction has no connection with the following paragraphs, which will cause confusion to readers. A little bit out of context. Secondly, my analysis of the data is not accurate enough and there is not enough evidence to prove it. The last point is that I did not use cite resource properly when I cited. It makes my writing to let people feel confusing. After discussing with professor lucenko, I know what my shortcomings are and what needs to be modified. I need to link the introduction part with the following paragraph. The thesis proposed in the introduction part is analyzed step by step. Let readers understand and interpret the problem of poverty in the United States. Another problem is I’m not using the data accurately enough. Some of the things mentioned in other paragraphs go beyond the topic. In short, in the process of revision, I listened to the professor’s Suggestions and made modifications in the content and structure. I feel that my essay has changed a lot. It adds up. I’ve also looked at other resources to make a stronger case. Make the article more convincing. I think it is very important to analyze the article separately from the professor. This can help us improve our articles and have one-on-one time to understand our articles. This allows me to express what I want to express better, and also allows the professor to answer individual questions. My essay have changed a lot after talking with Professor Luncenko.


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