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Blog#9 topic of research paper.

Posted on November 5, 2018

I have thought a lot about my research paper. This is the first time that I write this kind of essay. This is a new challenge for me in English. I was looking for many topics, such as poverty ,gun, immigration. Those are current America social issue. After I found some sources. I decided to choose poverty. Poverty is a big social issue in America. The United States of America is one of the world’s most powerful nations, and is the third country in population, which equals to 326 625 791 inhabitants. The Americans have built a real democratic society with the second world’s largest economy, “with a per capita GDP of $59, 500” (“The World Factbook”), which ranks world’s 19th in 2017. At the same time, the American nation has a lot of social problems as the world’s largest drug user. The country depresses in wages of poor citizens, increases in pension and medical expenses, and, also in investments of various projects aggravated the general economic situation. It causes such phenomena as budget deficits leading to poverty. Poverty is the most dangerous social problem all over the world irrespective of the economic and political development of the country. It needs special social programs for eliminating such a shameful social phenomenon lest the country should decay under social riots, terrorist attacks, or even armed conflicts.Poverty in the United States has become a real social disaster because almost 40 million people of various ages, ethnic origins, genders, and religions suffer from it. The American Government passed many social laws during the presidency of Barack Obama, but President Trump began restricting some of them. Moreover, he started a real war against South American immigrants, considering them the major social group undermined the American economy. Unfortunately, it will not improve the economic situation because poverty in America is a global economic phenomenon and one can eliminate it with the help of other countries. Therefore, special social programs on supporting children from single parent families to get a higher education, creating new working places in the South and joint ventures in Latin America, and naturalizing young immigrants can increase budget revenues eliminating low income social groups.


  1. Kristina Lucenko

    A good start! I like how you begin your essay by pointing out a paradox about the US — it is a powerful country, and yet also a significant number of its citizens live in poverty. How is poverty in the US defined? What are some if its causes? What is the value/significance of this problem? How can we solve it?

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