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About First Draft

Posted on February 11, 2019

I never really pay attention when I am writing the first draft. I always do the first draft for teachers requirement and didn’t make it as my “draft”. After coming to Stonybrook and attending to writing class I found out that drafts are very useful if you did the right way. As both of the reading mentioned that first draft can be really messy, and by messy it means that you can spit out any ideas you have at the very moment because some ideas won’t come back if you miss them and I often experience this.

In “Shitty First Draft”, the author, Lamott talked about the skills that she imply writing the first draft. One thing I found interesting that she mentioned is that even she has been writing for many years and she also has a friend much experienced in writing than she is, even an experience writer has a hard time brainstorming thoughts and writing the first draft.

In “The Maker’s Eye”, the author, Donald Murray mentioned that it is not easy to rewrite and edit your own draft. I found this hard for me too because sometimes I read my writings I found that some perspective I wrote I either didnt like it or I felt weird. So I really like this article.

Drafts are definetly very important in writing, this time I would like to try using the first draft method that I just write down anything that comes in my mind, and I do want to try this for my writing this time.

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