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WRT 102 reflection

Posted on May 6, 2019

This semester is probably the worst semester I had before. All the classes I took are upper level classes. These classes all have tons of homework to do and most of them usually took me at least couple days to finish them. Writing 102 is one of the class that required a lot of works, too. Though I have to spend hours on doing the essay, I think I probably enjoy writing more than doing other homework sometimes. Doing the research essay is one of the thing that I think I learned the most from writing 102. I have the chance to learn things that I am interested in and also advanced the skills to search for useful sources. Before I took this class, I have no idea that there are so many kind of different sources online such as peer review and popular sources. If I was going to write a research essay before learning the knowledge to research, I might use a lot of popular source like Wikipedia that might contain some inaccurate information in there. Besides that, from the process of writing different kind of essay among the semester, I think as a writer I definitely improved. Before I took this class, I haven’t write an essay for around 2 years. The last essay that I written is the assignment for the class writing 101. The essay I written in that class requires way less work than those I written in this class. The revising part is the reason why I think this class took way more time than WRT 101. After finishing the first draft, we have go through the process of peer review and the conference with the professor. From these process, I am able to get a lot of advice about my essay so I can revise my essay and make it better. Though my major doesn’t require any writings, it still sometimes needs a lot of research. I believe if I apply the method that I learned in this class about how to look for good sources to my major courses, it is going to help me a lot on my school performance.


  1. amikhaylova

    I totally relate to the struggle this semester too! I was in some heavy science courses which took up a lot of my time, but I can too agree that writing was definitely an enjoyable break for me from my other work. I also learned a lot on the research process itself, which I think was useful since I can apply it to any other course. I relate to all the points you made as well and think that writing is really useful in all areas of our life!

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