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Helpful point for using sources

Posted on May 3, 2019

From the reading, I found couple helpful points that can improve my skills of using sources in my essay. First of all, the author shows the good and bad example of quoting a source. The way that we should avoid to do is to copy and paste without any context to bring out the source.  It is going to make the reader feel like the this sentence just shows up from nowhere and the source we used will not serve the purpose of the essay. The good way to do it is to make the reader know what is the purpose of the quote and naturally bring out the quote. By writing in this method, the reader can easily get the information we want to send to them. Besides the method to quote, the author also emphasize the important of citation. By following the rules to cite the sources, the read are able to find out which sentence we used in the essay is from where. They can also go to read the source if they are interested to the research topic. Also properly citing the sources will avoid plagiarizing. Despite we didn’t meant to copy other’s work, as long as we used sources from someone else, citing the source are all required. Finally, avoiding to say the same thing as the source is also important. We don’t want to repeat something that is already written. Reader is not going to see our own voice and it will just be like a research explaining other people’s work. I think these three points are really important for us before we started to include sources in our essays. As long as I follow these method, I shouldn’t have a hard time writing the research.

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