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Useful methods for research argument

Posted on May 3, 2019

In the reading, the author pointed out a lot of useful points to develop and plan our research argument. First he mentioned that we have to be sure that what is the purpose of this research and who are we targeting to read it. I think this is really important because if we don’t think of a specific purpose of the research, this research will just be something that we write for the class assignment only. The research probably will be talking about something that no one really care about. In my opinion, that is a bad research. Besides the purpose of the research, another important thing that the author mentioned is the working thesis. He told us that the working thesis is not fixed but could be change during the writing process. I think that is really important, too. I don’t think someone can just came up a thesis and find many sources that support it. The thesis definitely needs to be modified. That will strengthen our research and also make the sources we found more persuasive. Finally, the critical thinking is something that makes our research perfect. By using this method to read and write our research, we are able find out the confusing and debatable parts. Once find out what part blurs the thesis, we have to revise that part and make it clear so readers are able to know the actual message we want to inform them.

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