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WRT 102 reflection

May 6, 2019 in Uncategorized

This semester is probably the worst semester I had before. All the classes I took are upper level classes. These classes all have tons of homework to do and most of them usually took me at least couple days to finish them. Writing 102 is one of the class that required a lot of works, too. Though I have to spend hours on doing the essay, I think I probably enjoy writing more than doing other homework sometimes. Doing the research essay is one of the thing that I think I learned the most from writing 102. I have the chance to learn things that I am interested in and also advanced the skills to search for useful sources. Before I took this class, I have no idea that there are so many kind of different sources online such as peer review and popular sources. If I was going to write a research essay before learning the knowledge to research, I might use a lot of popular source like Wikipedia that might contain some inaccurate information in there. Besides that, from the process of writing different kind of essay among the semester, I think as a writer I definitely improved. Before I took this class, I haven’t write an essay for around 2 years. The last essay that I written is the assignment for the class writing 101. The essay I written in that class requires way less work than those I written in this class. The revising part is the reason why I think this class took way more time than WRT 101. After finishing the first draft, we have go through the process of peer review and the conference with the professor. From these process, I am able to get a lot of advice about my essay so I can revise my essay and make it better. Though my major doesn’t require any writings, it still sometimes needs a lot of research. I believe if I apply the method that I learned in this class about how to look for good sources to my major courses, it is going to help me a lot on my school performance.

Helpful point for using sources

May 3, 2019 in Uncategorized

From the reading, I found couple helpful points that can improve my skills of using sources in my essay. First of all, the author shows the good and bad example of quoting a source. The way that we should avoid to do is to copy and paste without any context to bring out the source.  It is going to make the reader feel like the this sentence just shows up from nowhere and the source we used will not serve the purpose of the essay. The good way to do it is to make the reader know what is the purpose of the quote and naturally bring out the quote. By writing in this method, the reader can easily get the information we want to send to them. Besides the method to quote, the author also emphasize the important of citation. By following the rules to cite the sources, the read are able to find out which sentence we used in the essay is from where. They can also go to read the source if they are interested to the research topic. Also properly citing the sources will avoid plagiarizing. Despite we didn’t meant to copy other’s work, as long as we used sources from someone else, citing the source are all required. Finally, avoiding to say the same thing as the source is also important. We don’t want to repeat something that is already written. Reader is not going to see our own voice and it will just be like a research explaining other people’s work. I think these three points are really important for us before we started to include sources in our essays. As long as I follow these method, I shouldn’t have a hard time writing the research.

Useful methods for research argument

May 3, 2019 in Uncategorized

In the reading, the author pointed out a lot of useful points to develop and plan our research argument. First he mentioned that we have to be sure that what is the purpose of this research and who are we targeting to read it. I think this is really important because if we don’t think of a specific purpose of the research, this research will just be something that we write for the class assignment only. The research probably will be talking about something that no one really care about. In my opinion, that is a bad research. Besides the purpose of the research, another important thing that the author mentioned is the working thesis. He told us that the working thesis is not fixed but could be change during the writing process. I think that is really important, too. I don’t think someone can just came up a thesis and find many sources that support it. The thesis definitely needs to be modified. That will strengthen our research and also make the sources we found more persuasive. Finally, the critical thinking is something that makes our research perfect. By using this method to read and write our research, we are able find out the confusing and debatable parts. Once find out what part blurs the thesis, we have to revise that part and make it clear so readers are able to know the actual message we want to inform them.

3 potential topics for the I-Search essay

April 30, 2019 in Uncategorized

When I first notice that we have to write a research paper that focus more on the process of the research than the result of the it, couple topics pop up in my mind. The first thing that shows up in my mind is the drinking age in America. When I first came here, I have no idea the drinking age over here is 21. I was almost 19 and is used to be able to legally drink alcohol when I just cam here. However, I find out the drinking age is 21 over here which confused me a lot. How come the drinking age in other countries are mostly 18 but it is 21 in US. I want to know the reason and learn about if having drinking age at 21 is good for us or not. The second idea that I think I might want to do a research about is the education of computer science because I’ve been learning computer science for 3 years in college. Though I learned a lot of knowledge from the courses I took before, I always wonder why the assignments are always barely related to what I had learned. I have heard a lot of CSE major students telling me that the CSE requires a lot of self learning. I want to know that why do we have to take courses and still have to learn a lot of things by our own. The final topic that I want to learn is the drug education around the world. After I came to US, I encounter a lot of new things. One of them is to actually see people using drugs. When I was back in my country, I used to think that the people that take drugs are all crazy and can’t control themselves. However, my understanding of drugs have totally changed.  I want to know if the drug education I had before in my country teaches us the correct information or not. If it is not the accurate information, why do they give us wrong information?


March 4, 2019 in Uncategorized

In “College Pressure” by Zinsser, he mentioned that college student at that time have to face with different pressures. The college student in the 70s had to face with economic, peer and parental pressures.  I think these pressures still exist in this modern world. As an international student, I have to pay more tuitions than the students who lives in this state. In addition to the tuition I paid, the major I am currently in is really competitive. A lot of student want to get a computer science degree because this gives them a better opportunity to get a job. However computer science is not simple and easy at all. A lot of student decide to switch majors after taking couple courses. Though I am already in junior year and been study for computer science for three year. Sometime I still wonder that should I keep doing this. I often think that there are so many people in this major are better than me. However the thing that bother me the most is the uncertainty of my future. After graduated from the college, we are going to face the real world when we cannot survive without making our own money. This is definitely a pressure for us. It is almost the time to stop spending my parents money , but I have to get a job before that. I think among all the pressures that college students have, this is probably the biggest one.

Sponsors of Literacy

February 7, 2019 in Uncategorized

Brandt considers sponsor of literacy as things or people that inspire or influence a person to reach their goal of literacy. Brandt mentioned the interview between two people Raymond Branch and Dora Lopez who were both born in the same year and moved in the same town decades ago. Raymond Branch is born in a nice family which both of his parents has a nice job.  Because of his parents, he had the chance to try the computers in the university lab when he was young and get a computer as a Christmas gift. After they moved to the town, there was a computer store which is a good source for him to get in touch of more computer knowledge. Raymond Branch got his sponsors of literacy from his nice family and the computer store in the town to strengthen his literacy of computer knowledge. On the other hand, Dora Lopez, a Mexican American, wasn’t that lucky as Raymond Branch. Her grandparents worked as farm laborers. When her family moved to the same town that Raymond Branch’s family also moved in, Mexican are super minority. Mexican American are barely one person of the populations in the Town. Because of that, her family don’t have that much Spanish sources to get information. The only way to get those Spanish newspaper or books them is to drive to the city to get them. She was working in a cleaning company but she also had another job which is translating between the employee and the supervisor.  Her supports of literacy are from those Spanish newspapers that is not easy to access.

Take myself as an example, I’ll consider my literacy of sponsor is definitely my parents. They make me learn different extracurricular skills and send me to private school which is usually better in my city. They are willing to spend those money to invest my literacy in different fields. Without the sponsor from my parents, I definitely can’t study in college. I am grateful for the sponsor of literacy that they gave me and I’ll try my best to reach my goal.

Blog #1 Literacy

February 5, 2019 in Uncategorized

Before reading these three article, I never have thought of literacy’s definition. It seems to be very obvious that the word means the ability to read and write. However after reading the three articles, I realized that literacy is not as simple as the ability of reading and writing but a broader definition.

In the “Why Blog”  written by Reid, it mentions that becoming a writing expert have to take a big amount of time. He also recommend his reader to write on blog more because the blog don’t have that much restrictions and people could write topics that they are interested. Additionally blogs are usually shared to the public, so we can read and learn from other bloggers article. Reading through the old blogs can also helps us learn what we should improve. As long as we keep posting blogs constantly and keep reading and learning from different article, becoming an expert is not that difficult to reach anymore. I think in the article literacy also means people being skilled or having a lot of knowledge of  somethings.

Besides, “Why I Write in English” by Huang has a slighty defferent meaning. She defines literacy as speaking in her own voice. She decide not to write in Mandarin but in English, so she can write whatever topics she wants and use whatever words she would like to use.

Finally, literacy doesn’t only means the basic reading and writing skills. The definitions are way broader than that.


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