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School Pressure

Posted on May 1, 2019

After listening to the audio and reading the literature done by William Zinsser, I found myself strongly related to the subject’s situation. As an international students, it is easier for us to fall apart on academics and life. Not only school work, we have to deal with many other outside school issues. However, there are always excuses for something we didn’t accomplish. Remembering the days when I was applying for colleges, I had to work on TOEFL, SAT, and school work at the same time. Furthermore, I was in a boarding school, so time were regulated by school I barely had time for myself. What I had to do was to distribute my time well. I worked on TOEFL during elective classes, didn’t eat lunch everyday for school work, and spend all my night hustling through SAT.

At that time, I was frustrated every single day, I was afraid that I couldn’t get into a school that will make my parents proud. Time passed very fast, I graduated within a snap. Looking back now, I feel things just happened yesterday, I can still remember how I sacrificed my youth for what I have now. It was worthy, I believe that as long as a person doesn’t give up, the person will be able to accomplish anything.

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