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Blog #1 Artists are Journalists too

Posted on September 3, 2018

On the reading of Zinn: “Artists in Times of War” I want to talk about what the significance of talking about Artists and society’s way of Categorizing individuals based on their careers. First off he talks about the way people would judge a person based on their career choice and wouldn’t take their opinion seriously  especially for an artist. Although an artist isn’t a politician or historian or an expert in that field they do provide an excellent view what’s going on in the world around us. In some cases better than journalists since journalists would sometimes conform to what filtered media that is ordered to be written. It can be further argued that the best artists are true journalists since they bring attention to the “real world” and what is going on around the distracted individuals. Are they true patriots? Or are they anarchists?  If artists are able to think this way and show the world how it really is, then why do people think that they aren’t to be taken seriously when speaking about topics such as or war or any other issue that is part of our lives?


  1. framos

    I agree with what you’re saying, that the journalists that bring attention to the “real world’ are labeled anarchists and there are people who question their patriotism. Just because your profession doesn’t deal with “real world” problems, doesn’t mean they shouldn’t have a say in the matter. And for the journalists that take a position different then the majority they are hated upon. People who are experts in a different field can still make excellent points and take interesting views.

  2. ccrobinson

    I agree with the fact that at times artists or even other people can provide much more knowledge and insight to what is happening not only in our country but also the world as whole. Sticking to ones own profession despite wanting to do something more tends to confine us to a space where we no longer want to grow.However expert opinion shouldn’t be disregarded as a whole and should be considered.

  3. davirga

    I agree with what you’re saying; artists definitely give a fresh outlook on the world. Art predominantly sells based on the story/meaning/truth behind it. Whether its a song or a physical painting/image. The artists create such work with thought and knowledge of the situation. Just because an artist is not a politician, it does not mean the artist is ignorant to politics. Typically, successful writers and artists of all sorts are quite intelligent in terms of everything that they know, along with the fact that they may have an unconventional perspective on the topic they are portraying. Artists should be more highly regarded and society undermines them way too much.

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