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How Far I’ve Come

Posted on May 6, 2019

Throughout WRT 102, I have noticed a huge change in my writing as a whole. From my outlook on my writing to my writing style, I have noticed changes in the way I write for the better. Along with that, I have learned how to better understand the intricacies of writing and even develop some of my own writing techniques that help me push through the invention stage. Adding to that, the writing process has become much easier for me however there are still many parts in which provide a great challenge for me. This is because writing has become more than just handing in a rough draft. There is an entire drafting process that works to expand on your thoughts and allows them to be presented in an efficient, meaningful, and concise way. Before this, I would type up one draft, run it through a spell checker, and move along with my day without checking for the objective of what I am writing or how well my thoughts flow throughout the piece. This is ironic to me because I already felt as if my writing was pretty good coming into this class, to begin with, but throughout the semester I realized through not only my grades but through meeting with Professor Lucenko that there is always room for improvement.

Besides just the writing process alone, I’ve gained a lot of knowledge in rhetorical analysis and the research process. Specifically relating to the analysis portion of what I had just previously mentioned, the texts that we read more towards the early to mid-semester demonstrated a well-written, professional stand on writing. The authors demonstrated unique ways of how to write that I have not encountered before. Author’s such as Mike Rose that began his argument by telling a story and then using that story to support a claim specifically comes to mind. Examples like these opened my mind to different ways writing can be altered to help portray a point in a more efficient way to allow the audience to come to a deeper understanding. For the research portion, I did have some previous knowledge from a few research type papers I had written for high school, but I was opened to a much larger variety of sources to choose from. At Stony Brook, we are open to an immense amount of peer-reviewed articles that enable us to elaborate on the type of research we are doing. Since we have so many sources, it becomes less a struggle to find a source that relates to your topic, but more focused on making sure what you are saying is relating back to your thesis. Keeping these two things, along with the previously mentioned points, has greatly elevated my writing to a more collegiate, and well-educated style of writing.


  1. wang69

    Hi rbarnes,

    I liked how you brought in specific names of authors like Mike Rose to show how impactful their pieces were to you. I agreed with you on that this course has certainly elevated my writing skills to a more collegiate level.

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