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My first day creating my ePortfolio!

Posted on November 10, 2018

The class we had about the New Digication ePortfolio opened my mind up to something I had never thought of before.  Digication ePortfolios make it easy to present an individual’s talents, background, achievements, progress, and anything he / she wants to share with his / her professor in a safe and customizable digital environment. Learning about creating the ePortfolio, I was surprised as to how many features it had.  Adding content, images, hyperlinks, text, gifs, sounds, files, documents, etc. was made so easy. One could even customize templates and background colors and images as per your wish. All your information could be styled and presented in your own unique way and I found that amazing. One could even attach a PDF or even create a gallery. Gathering all this information on how to customize my own ePortfolio, I felt overwhelmed and curious to learn and explore further more.

As I went back to my dorm that day, I decided to explore more into the world of Digital ePortfolios. I realized that ePortfolios help students plan their own academic pathways and present it to their instructors.  In this generation of digital – everything, I think digital ePortfolios are very important, as well as efficient. They help showcase and highlight the student’s skills to school administrators, faculty or potential employers.  It also helps develop a sense of belonging to all that a student has learned through his / her courses and academic journey. Just scrolling through all your achievements, skills and progress throughout the years helps provide an intrinsic boost to a student’s self-confidence. And as everyone knows self-confidence is a key to the student’s future success. Additionally, having a public ePortfolio helps prospective employers or even people with similar interests, to connect and get to know you. All in all, I loved learning and exploring all about how to create and personalize my first digital ePortfolios!


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