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Blog #10: The end of Writing 102… but not the end of writing

Posted on May 6, 2019

Congrats, fellow Seawolves! We did it – we are almost finished with WRT 102! For me (and I’m sure for many of us), this was my first college-level writing class. And boy, did I learn that college-level writing is much more thorough and exquisite than high school writing!

I think it’s safe to say that WRT 102 was much different than high school writing/English classes, both in what the class consisted of and what we were expected to learn from it (the course goals/outcomes). For starters, this class emphasized adjusting to more sophisticated rhetoric, academic writing, and research. WRT 102 elaborated on the principles of writing I learned from high school – using certain tones for specific types of essays, writing in a way that will excite/amuse the reader, and researching to a college-level standard (including using correct citations and credible, peer-reviewed sources). In sum, my understanding of writing was expanded upon in respect to the principles of writing I learned from high school. Think of my learning as going up a flight of stairs: what I learned from high school (the first step) led me to becoming a better writer through this WRT 102 course (the second step of a talllllll staircase to writing excellence, which will continue to grow throughout college)

One thing I learned SOLELY from WRT 102 is that writing is not as simple as putting pen on paper or taping a keyboard then calling it a day. There are A LOT of steps involved with composing a strong literary piece – consisting of but not limited to drafting, peer review, professional review (reviewing with a teacher), proofreading, editing, and revising in general. In high school, I used to write my papers from start to finish and never look back. I would submit my work and earn only a satisfactory grade, which I know now could have been better. Now, I know that writing is one huge process that one must go through to seriously credit a paper as 100% the best work that can be produced. After reading over my papers a few times before final submission, it was so clearly evident that they improved over time as a result of this writing process that took place for all of them. My papers would not have been as good if I didn’t do so. Overall, I became a much better writer because of this writing process I was introduced to. To maintain this level of writing advancement I achieved, I will use this writing process throughout college.

This class also taught me time management in regards to papers. No longer will I wait until the day before the deadline to start writing a paper like I used to do in high school. Again, this is because it is important to leave time so that all the aspects of the writing process can be fulfilled to ensure the best final product.

All in all, this class was a big learning experience and will help me prepare for future courses that include tons of writing. What have you learned from this class? Do you agree with me?

Thanks everyone for a great semester! Hope to see you around campus in the future.


  1. rbarnes

    It truly is sad to see this semester of WRT 102 come to a close. Looking at another person’s viewpoint is excited because I get to not only relate in all the ways we both have grown as writers but also to open my mind to different ways I have developed that did not cross my mind. Bringing up all of the smaller details in which we have learned and all of the larger topics that encompass all of those little aspects brings me to almost a surreal state of mind. I have learned so much more than I have even thought I could achieve and I feel like your blog here really opened my mind to that. It has been a wonderful semester writing with you and I hope we see each other around!

  2. Kristina Lucenko

    I like the flight of stairs metaphor — the way that each step in the writing process builds on a previous step. Super important. And ensuring that you give yourself enough time to take each step matters, too. Great work this semester!

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