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Upward and Onward: My Growth this Semester

Posted on May 6, 2019

Going into this semester I did not know what to expect out of WRT 102. The writing I had to do in the previous semester was shorter and didn’t require the same level of drafting, revising, and research that this class was going to require.

The last time I wrote an essay that could be compared to the level of the work we did in this class was in March of last year during my senior in high school. We had to write a five-page argumentive research art history essay, and I struggled to write it. I spent all February researching and constantly working with my teacher to nail down a thesis. I ended up having to write most of the essay in the two days before the essay was due because of how much I struggled to determine what I was writing about.

In WRT 102, I struggled with the same things I did when writing that essay throughout this semester, but I think I really challenged myself and grew as a writer. With each essay, I tried to push myself outside of my comfort zone. Each essay helped me grow as a writer in different ways.

One of my constant challenges when writing was trying to figure exactly what I wanted to say in the essay and the central theme of my essay. With the literacy narrative, I struggled to start the essay because I did not which of my experiences, I could write a whole essay. It took several failed drafts and about two hours in one of the comfy chairs at the Starbucks in the library one night for me to come up with a topic I wanted to write about and could write a whole essay about. Once I finished that draft it took a lot of revising to reach my final draft, but I am proud of what I wrote. The experience has helped make starting essays easier, as well as picking topics easier, and helped me understand my process of writing.

Another challenge I faced throughout the semester was that I didn’t know how to end essays. For each essay, as I was writing it the conclusions always felt incomplete or that there is more I could have been writing. Although through the peer reviews, and the conferences with Professor Lucenko I understood this wasn’t the case, and I was being over-critical of my writing even before I read it over. When I did read my draft over, I saw for myself that I was being over critical of my writing. Throughout the semester I tried to save my judgment until after I was done writing each draft. It is something I still need to improve in, but this semester has helped me hold off my judgment at least somewhat.

This entire semester has been a great learning experience, and I have enjoyed the time I spent in WRT 102. I hope to continually grow as a writer and the things I have learned in this class follow me into my courses.



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