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Farewell, WRT 102

Posted on May 2, 2019

This past semester I have taken Writing 102. It would be wrong of me to say that this past semester I enjoyed Writing 102. I think that as a class, Writing 102 is too general for the entire first-year class of Stony Brook students. Coming into Stony Brook, I had both AP Literature and AP Language under my belt. I had developed a pretty strong voice in my own writing. Writing 102 was nothing new or challenging for me, if anything it felt like the equivalent of my junior year English class. I think for someone who had a lesser background within writing and language arts, this course would have been a helpful introduction to higher level writing. However, it did not seem like this is the case for everyone.

The most major part of Writing 102 is the papers. The three papers that we wrote as assignments for class were pretty standard. The Literacy Narrative was definitely not what I was expecting for the first paper because it seemed like somewhat of a simple task for my first large college essay. I did enjoy writing the Literacy Narrative because it was smooth, easy, and fun to recall an excellent memory to write about. The next essay was something a bit unusual for me. Unlike the Literacy Narrative, the I-Search paper was a paper that I was completely unfamiliar with. It did not begin as smoothly and, as well as my paper turned out, I still don’t understand the purpose of writing an I-Search paper. I greatly enjoyed my topic, however, I could not understand why someone would want to read about how I researched and not what I researched. Immediately after we submitted our I-Search paper, we were given the final writing assignment of the Researched Argument. The Researched Argument is not a type of paper that I am unfamiliar with, so I was quite indifferent on writing this last paper. Unfortunately, the timing of the two research heavy papers was not exactly ideal and, for me, caused a bit of a roadblock. All in all, the papers were pretty expected and I felt accomplished with the results on all of them.

Overall, Writing 102 was pretty much the generic course I expected it to be. I didn’t mind the workload and I also enjoyed the smaller class size compared to my 300 person chemistry lecture. But, writing is still not my first choice.

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