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I-Search or Re-Search?

Posted on April 15, 2019

I have been looking into “designer babies” for this short period now. I think what is most surprising about this journey is the fact that the entire process of designing a baby has been around for a lot longer than people realize. The first designed babies were born in the late 90s, which alludes that this technology is not as modern and groundbreaking as many people believe. I think what makes this fact more interesting is the fact that this idea is not that new, the ethical dilemmas surrounding the topic as a whole are what keep it in modern discussion. Overall, I’m looking forward into doing more research on this.

I think a researched argument compared to an ISEARCH paper is just much more formal. While writing the ISEARCH paper I really wanted to include every part of my thinking process in the research. I did this to explain why the topic was of interest to me and why I wanted to start the research in a specific way. During the normal researched argument, I believe it is a little less important to do this because the researched argument is supposed to be centered around the fact and why the writer is correct in their claim. It is a much more direct style of writing and does not contain the fluff that was in the ISEARCH paper.

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