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Wonders of Writing 102

Posted on May 3, 2019

Ahhhh, Writing 102. I did not want to take this class but I had no choice since it’s a requirement. Unsurprisingly, while I love to write, I don’t like writing essays with an overhanging deadline or as a measurement of my performance. Writing is an art that is unique to each person and understood by different people. Writing 102 did not make that part of literacy any better but it was a fun class in its own way. The weekly blogs (as tedious as they felt) were a nice change of perspective from the usual formal writing. The three essays I had to write were interesting. The first one was a literacy narrative. Similar to storytelling, it’s an essay to tell a story about your journey. I thoroughly liked this one because I love writing descriptive stories in an elaborate way. The next one was an I-search essay. I was very unfamiliar about this sort of essay. I didn’t understand why someone would write about their journey as they researched a topic. Turns out it taught me a lot more about how I research my topics and what sources I go for to receive information. It also made me more self-aware about how I should go about my research and where I should go for certain information. The third and final essay was a research essay. Probably the worst paper for me to write. I love researching and learning new things but do I heavily dislike writing research papers about whatever I’m researching. I am terrible at organizing evidence for a claim and when there’s so much information to read and process, my mind can’t mentally organize what evidence goes where, how much is really important, how to make it flow in the paragraph, and how to connect it back to my argument. The peer review for this essay helped me heavily because it gave me a chance to step back and read my essay from another’s perspective to see what went wrong. Compared to the beginning of the course, I became more self-conscious of my essays. I began to think about how I want to write out my essay, how to plan for it better, and how to organize the information. I was able to learn to research a topic, develop an argument, and organize sources in order to produce a research essay that fully develops my argument and claims. I was able to also achieve communications with different audiences through my blogging habits as there are different people reading my one essay and not all of them receive the same messages when reading the same text so to get feedback/thoughts about my writing was really eye-opening in understanding what my essay has and doesn’t have. The peer reviews have greatly helped me because many of them pointed out all the nitpicks of mistakes that I didn’t realize I had in my essay and clarifications/extensions I needed to make for my essay. All in all, the course has done wonders as it gave me a better insight on how to better portray my persuasion and my arguments in my writing pieces.

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