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Surprise Me, Space Baby

Posted on April 16, 2019

I’ve always taken a liking for space. While others “fear the unknown,” I wonder and want to learn more about the unknown. Space is vastly filled with mysteries and secrets. Recently, NASA has managed to render an image of what a black hole could have looked like. Disregarding that the black hole is about 13 billions years old, it is quite an accomplishment to even get an image of a black hole, this entity which supposedly nothing, not even light, can escape. Imagine what more we can discover from space exploration. The more we spend our priority on space exploration, the more we can understand about the world outside of the Earth. The most surprising thing I found out about the controversy of space exploration is that there is actual calculations for the amount of spending it would be required to actually fund for more space programs. I find it very pleasing that there is a lot of return on money which is obviously a big bonus for the government. Another thing that interests me is the number of new ways to extract minerals from other planets. This would limit the number of resources we would be using on Earth and it would replenish the Earth in many ways. There’s a lot of information behind the surprising things about minerals from outer space like how much more power and less consumption they require, etc. All these new facts inspire newer ways to approach the problems of our Earth and broaden our knowledge and quench our need to explore and comprehend.

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