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Posted on May 6, 2019

Throughout this semester, my process of writing has changed entirely. In high school, I was always given formats and outlines to follow. In WRT 102, we were not given any specific outlines that were necessary to follow. While we did have guidelines required for the essay, the construction of the essays was up to the students. My writing experience was not only different because we did not get set paragraphs we had to write. It was also different because of the invention steps we did before writing the essays and the revision steps we completed. I realized that as a writer, I need to pay more attention to revisions and need to keep improving my writing.




Prior to this class I did not think of writing as “a living document,” like Professor Lucenko explained in one of the first classes. Now I understand why she said that and I agree that the writing process is never over.  For example, I wrote my Literacy Narrative months ago and I just edited and revised it again today. WRT 102 also differed from high school English in that we got feedback from multiple people on our essays. I think the conferences with Professor Lucenko was the most beneficial part of the writing process. It helped to make sure I was on the right track and was proving my thesis prior to handing it in. Peer reviews also helped by giving feedback on what readers will think.




My process of researching has also changed throughout this semester. I have used databases in the past. But, I never paid attention to the validity or relevance of the sources. I basically just looked for articles that proved my point. After writing the I-Search Essay, I realized how important confirming the validity of our sources is. The I-Search Essay is unlike any other essay I have ever written. It requires explanation and discussion of how sources were found and why they are useful. Since databases have so much information, I needed to narrow down my searches. I figured out that it is beneficial to search topics on Google first to get an idea of the type of information that is out there. For example, for more opinionated searches, databases would not be best. Google sources would be because a news article from a reliable network could be used. For straight facts and examples, databases are most useful. They are the most reliable and makes the readers more comfortable to trust and believe your claims.

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