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Fall Break Meant A New Start

Posted on October 11, 2018

For some, Fall Break was this long weekend meant for visiting family, visiting their hometown, or even catching up with work etc. And while I did indeed do all those things, my fall break was more of a time to reevaluate what I have been thus far here in Stony Brook and served as a time to reflect on my attitude, actions, and my feelings. To be honest, there have been times where I have felt that I wasn’t putting my physical health and emotional health as a priority.  What I mean by this is that I wasn’t eating the best foods, I was overeating and I didn’t make time to relax and give myself a break. I also found that I was surrounding myself around people who emotionally degraded me and interfered with my work and emotional health. At times I prioritized them over myself. Now, this is a problem I have been facing since the beginning of my high school years but over time I have learned to recognize when it is time to change my ways. The first step I took this fall break was by eliminating the negative people from my life which has helped give me more time to myself. I also started spending more time with my family and really valuing the time I spend with them. And lastly, I also started learning how to be alone. It’s funny because I am writing my rhetorical analysis of Baldwin’s argument on how people fear aloneness, but I too fear aloneness. And surrounding myself by alike people, changing my ways and exploring the “wilderness” of life, will only help me continue to grow as a person. Baldwin explains that we must learn that life is full of instabilities and not everything is going to be perfect or stable hence, we should learn to recognize that and improve ourselves. Overall, I am happy to say that I recognized this in my own life and have made an effort to improve myself. Fall break was only the beginning to a lifetime filled with time to grow.

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