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This is It, Chief (blog #10)

Posted on May 4, 2019

Welp, this is it, last blog post. I had fun doing these throughout the semester as I expressed myself through informal thought. And that’s what I feel this whole semester was about – expression! While composing our own original pieces, I believe many of the students share the same sentiment in saying that this class was an outlet for ideas, allowed us to ask and pursue our own questions, and reinforced the knowledge we had about writing.


The use of rhetoric was clarified. Throughout the class, we were provided with many readings and sources that urgently presented a topic while convincing the reader of its importance. Throughout these readings, we were able to analyze as a class how our writing could be developed, thus taking the rhetoric from the pieces presented in class and later presenting our own. In my opinion, developing ones own voice as a writer was essential at this point since we informally discussed a personal experience, as it should be a light interaction between writer and reader. This was the base stone for the rest of the semester as we’d add on to our development as a writer. The second paper was the most challenging in the sense that I needed to be clear with my steps through research. At times, I was frustrated since I just wanted to talk about the actual experience with the questions I was asking, instead of talking about how I was answering the questions I was asking. This piece helped me emphasize the drastically long writing process where revision is one of the main components to writing, if not the main one.


The research paper really helped bring everything together. Because of the previous two papers, complimenting with the guidance received in class, we knew exactly how to compose a research paper. In high school, we were taught what it needs and what the base level to a research paper should be. After this semester, I believe we were accustomed to using our writing as a tool. This tool would be the fully developed argument that displayed the urgency and importance of our topics. As a writer, I believed I’ve developed a greater sense of awareness for the reader as I tried to vastly improve the connection we’d share as they read the piece. I believe that prior to this class, I was too focused on just getting my point across and presenting what I had to present while getting it over with. Now, I can comfortably say I’ll at least consider how my reader is consuming the information while calculating the time I’ll spend on that while procrastinating.


  1. alepan

    I liked how you talked about your personal strengths and weaknesses because it makes your blog that much more personal and I enjoyed how you pointed out how you reviewed certain aspects and how your thought process was the whole way through your learning experience. You were able to point out your own flaws and see what you can improve about them and you were able to make sure that you were changing your ways so that you became a stronger writer in general regardless of what you personally thought was the right way. In general, I liked the way you added your own point of view.

  2. Kristina Lucenko

    Glad you will think more about the reader now! Understanding your reader (they they know and believe, what they care about) is so important in shaping and conveying your ideas and perspectives. Rhetoric is a cool bag o’ tricks….

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