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Looking Back

Posted on May 5, 2019

In terms of how I view my own writing, this semester has been extremely impactful. I think in high school, I was good at writing for the most part, but made some real progress with a particular teacher that gave very tough love to my pieces. Up until now, I felt kind of stagnant in a way because I hadn’t gotten to do formal writing at all in my fall semester. Not that I ever completely lost motivation or love for writing, but the things we’ve learned this semester and the ways I’ve gotten to apply them and grow from my mistakes is incredibly refreshing.


Specifically, I think I learned the most in the area of communicating a message and having a conscious understanding of the audience during the writing and revision process. I curated my writing for whoever I was writing for while maintaining my own unique voice within it. I think my major goals with writing as a whole in the future is to be able to make people feel a certain way, have a drive to understand a particular topic, or to open their minds to what writers, who bravely put their work out into the world, have to say. I love writing just for myself, but I’ve also learned the importance of sharing and getting feedback on writing, and seen the good that can come of it.


Because the researched argument was the longest piece and likely the one that took the most time and effort, I think I was able to pick up a lot of lessons from it along the way. I already knew that I loved arguing a point and articulating my perspective through writing, but I realized once again that I love even more the fact that things are never resolute in a argumentative paper. Because our truths come from our unique experiences and perspectives, I am not right, neither are those that oppose my view, but all I can do support what I feel is necessary to say with valid and substantive evidence that can hopefully move the audience. Research and data at its core is what seems the most concrete about all of this, but more often than not, we can be left with more questions than answers, and in that complexity is where I find the a lot of beauty in writing.


Once again, I think I’ve really allowed myself to grow as a writer this semester. I had some amazing help, from my professor and peers, so I’m very grateful that I had the opportunity to push myself even further in this subject.


  1. katelin

    I’m glad that you have grown so much this semester because of this class! I completely agree with you in the sense that the Research Argument took the most time and effort because looking back on it now, it really did require a lot of research and perspective writing. The complexity of it made it difficult but it is where the beauty of writing came from. I hope you do continue to challenge yourself!

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