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Surprising Realities

Posted on April 11, 2019

I think the most surprising thing that I’ve learned about my topic so far is that there have been situations where the fashion industry or a particular show has classified a model of or around size 8 as “plus size”. I had heard these stories before, and I guess I’m not really too surprised due to the given cultural and societal backdrop for this topic, but it’s still a stunning fact. This may be a significant theme in my essay, because a lot of the issues that branch off this topic of whether or not advertising and modeling should increase plus size and even “average size” representation stem from the lack of clarity of terminology, or the overuse of it.


The second prompt is not entirely applicable to me because I did not keep the topic I wrote about in my I-Search essay. My I- search was about the psychological and societal causes of Instagram behavior, specifically for young women. Though I didn’t go into the subtopic explicitly, addiction to Instagram has a lot to do with how we view our own physical attributes and our desire to compare them to those of other people. The same thing applies in other media we view on the daily. Seeing different bodies undisputedly has mental effects, but it is disputed exactly what these are and how severe they are. I think the main ways my thinking has changed is that firstly, I’m more open to both sides of the argument. I’ve already found some substantial information that, while it can be argued against, goes against what I would personally be compelled to believe. Secondly, I’ve shifted more to a solutions perspective. I ended my I-Search trying to find information on how to avert or prevent the damaging prospects of social media, and I actually think digging deeper into the study I found on body positivity could be applicable here.


  1. nlundahl

    The effects of the culture of the fashion industry is really interesting especially because it is so wide spread. I remember watching a video once of how Photoshop editors edit the photos to make it look the model is thinner or more like the “ideal beauty standard” and I was surprised by the difference in the original photo and the final product.

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