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I changed as a writer

Posted on May 5, 2019

Before taking WRT 102, the last time that I can honestly say that I wrote an essay was more than a year ago. I spent my time in class writing persuasive and synthesis essays- rarely given assignments on rhetoric academic writing and research. Rhetoric Academic was synonymous to a storytelling essay to me before this class. It was just a story that I wanted to tell my audience. Now, I see that it is a narrative that has the purpose of me trying to convey something to my audience whether it is to persuade, inform or entertain. The Literary Narrative is an essay that truly showed me what a rhetoric academic writing is and how it is so important in the writing community. The Literary Narrative started off with me just telling the audience about my passion of my hobby but now I see of it as a way to express to the audience what my passion brought me and how it impacted people around me as well. The Narrative took me weeks to write and polish which was new for me. Usually, my past English teachers would make essays due the next day which doesn’t give me time to read over and revise. This gave me a chance to read over and try to perfect my essay. Similar for the Research Argument and I-search Essay, I was given time to write and revise which taught me that writing take times and work. It isn’t something that can be perfected overnight and requires more than one editor for feedback. My understanding for research is that not only is the research important but the journey to finding the research is important as well. An I-search essay before creating a Research Paper will help writing the research much easier and one can clearly support their research.


As a writer, I have gotten more confident in my writing. Words flow more easier to the paper for me and I don’t see myself stuck on the writer’s block as much. I have more things to say whether it be analysis or elaboration on a particular topic. I understand the time I need to spend on an essay and what makes a paper solid and cohesive. Not only have I understood myself as a writer but I feel more comfortable as an editor as well. With all the peer reviews that I have done, I understand what others need to do to improve their essay which improves myself as a writer.

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