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Do You Still Hate Writing?

Posted on May 6, 2019

This semester has completely changed my view of writing. It used to be something tedious that I had to do to because I needed to get the grade. After writing throughout this semester, I no longer think of writing as tedious. I enjoy writing now because I can choose the direction I want to take my writing and interesting and I am encouraged to do so. I have never seen myself as a writer before. I didn’t care to write about why we have Daylight Savings Time or write about a weird poem about plants. Academic writing has allowed me to explore so many topics I can write about that I am interested in. I wrote about the Jonas Brothers which has no academic

value at all for one of my research papers because I thought it was relevant and cool. As a writer I am free to write what I please and that has me genuinely excited.

As for the writing process, I have a new appreciation for it now. I understand now why we a reader cares about the rhetoric a writer chose. Every writer has a type of rhetoric they like to use and I found I gravitate to imagery and rhetorical questions and that is my signature. As for research, I really don’t mind reading academic journals or news articles. I think it’s necessary to cross reference facts to make sure they are accurate and that you are using the correct information. It takes quite a bit of time yet, there are so many interesting viewpoints that can come up in researching a topic.

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