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Writing is No Longer a Chore

Posted on May 7, 2019

Writing to me was an interesting concept to me early on because it allowed me to express myself when I want; the key word here is want. Thus, I didn’t really enjoy academic writing. Being forced to write didn’t seem that logical to me, because the best writing is sometimes spontaneous. That being said, I still enjoyed writing the three essays throughout the year. Though they were all part of academic writing, the prompt was usually broad enough to give enough freedom to us to choose a topic relevant to us and society today. It has taught me new things about rhetoric and research.


Rhetoric has slowly but surely added to my style of writing. Prior, I would usually get straight to the point in my essays, but now, I realize that the reader wants a smooth transition to the topic that I discuss in the essay. I used to dislike this myself and some of my writing teachers in school were not fond of it as well because they thought it was “fluff”, which meant that they were just empty thoughts used as a way to increase the word count of an essay without providing specific meaning to it. I disagree now because writing should be engaging to be effective.


Research, in a student’s perspective, used to be the easiest for me because what I had to do was find a supporting quote from a source, and include it in the essay, along with a brief analysis of it. Coming into college was when I found research was the most rigorous. The type of source it was, such as being a scholarly article or not, along with the background of the author, influenced the credibility of the source. All this was to be considered before using their article as a source in an academic paper. There was much more emphasis on the analysis part, rather than regurgitating quotes found from a simple Google search.


All in all, the themes of writing have stayed the same, but through this course were really where these characteristics had to be exemplified in each essay written to be given a good grade. The goal of academic writing isn’t to write for yourself; it is to write for various audiences and in different contexts.


  1. Rev

    I had a very similar experience throughout the course, where I started to enjoy writing a little more and seeing it as less of a chore. Your last sentence caught my eye since I think it is possible for you to write an essay for yourself and for the audience or prompt or whatever, like the I-search essay. Writing for myself is part of what made the writing enjoyable to me and gave me motivation to try harder.

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