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I Search for a Better Future

Posted on March 4, 2019

When given this essay, I felt pretty happy. Everybody always has their own issues and concerns about education, and this is a time to allow them to validate those claims. Being one of those people myself, I found it perplexing to narrow it down to the three most important topics that pertain to me or that I feel are the most critical matters in my opinion. However, after taking a deeper look at it, the three most essential predicaments are questions revolving the most obvious standardized testing, whether or not parents should be more involved in the process of education and the most controversial topic: the Internet and its uses for students.

Having the privilege of hiring a tutor for most of my life has caused me to become ignorant to the topic of standardized testing for many years. However, reading about the SHSAT discussion that occurred last year has raised awareness to me of the reality of this topic. The SHSAT is New York City’s standardized test that occurs every year for 8th graders wishing to attend one of the 8 specialized high schools in the city. The controversy behind this topic stems generally from the argument that outside tutoring provides an advantage for some students, especially Asians and the results support that because most of the population in those prestigious schools are dominated mostly by Asians. This creates an imbalance in the diversity of the school thus disproving the effectiveness of the test.


Another topic is how parents are gradually getting less involved in students educations because they rely on the education system to teach their children. This outlook is reasonable because most of the time, students are in school and they see teachers and counselors more than their family, so it makes sense that parents want teachers to help students as much as they can. However, there is only so much a teacher can do. External help from parents and relatives come a long way because it improves the communication between a child and their family. A lot of fear between a child talking to their parents about school stems from them not talking a lot about academics, so if the student gets a bad grade or struggles in school, they are very afraid to tell their parents, in fear of being scolded or punished. Communicating more often

destroys the barrier.


The last topic that can potentially be my research topic is the fastest growing entity in the last decade: the Internet. Known for its many uses from providing information to watching episodes of MasterChef, the Internet has become an essential part of life, especially for students. From googling answers to homework to researching information for essays, the Internet has become more important than pen and paper. As the Internet permeates more and more of education, schools use it more heavily, but not all students have easy access to the Internet, which causes a disruption in the school environment because it creates a natural setback for said student and a lot of times, these obstacles are never overcome, which is a huge disadvantage. Imagine going to a job interview but not being able to use a computer. More likely than not, you’re going to get the “We’ll let you know” response.


Speaking for myself, these topics never really had a direct impact on me. However, after becoming more literate in how the education system works by reading articles and through my years of experience in the system, I feel that these issues are aspects than can be improved on and make great topics for the I-Search essay and perhaps through all the research, I can contribute to a solution to at least one of the problems.



  1. pmassa


    I like how you chose topics based on issues you feel passionate about, even though they don’t effect you directly. That shows that you’re a person who’s compassionate about others and aware of the struggles your peers face that you fortunately do not. It’s clear that you have a lot of background knowledge on this topic and that you’re genuinely interested in it, and this will help with brainstorming your paper, and in your case I doubt you develop “writers block” when writing this essay. I like the first topic you wrote about because you have personally witnesses it and therefore should have ease in explaining how you will research it, as well as the importance of researching it. Good job!

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