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My Journey In Writing

Posted on May 7, 2019


I have learned a tremendous amount about writing from taking Writing 102 this semester. I learned that academic writing can be very fun and entertaining and not something to be alarmed about. I used to dread writing papers in school because I was always assigned to write about a certain topic that I had no interest in. However, this course allowed me to explore and discuss topics that I am interested in discussing which made the essays enjoyable to write. Moreover, I have learned to correctly cite my sources and to always introduce my sources before discussing them, so my reader does not get lost trying to comprehend my evidence. In addition, I learned about I-search essays which were completely foreign to me before this course. I didn’t know such essays existed, but it turned out to be one of my favorite essays to write.


One of the most important things I have learned since the beginning is that it’s okay to have a shitty draft. I was always so meticulous about my drafts, calculating every spelling and grammar mistake that I would lose my focus from the actual paper. I have learned since to be more lenient and relax about my first draft when writing essays or papers. In addition, I learned the importance of editing and revision especially with the help of other people. I have to be welcoming of praise and criticism as well as being respectful of other’s opinions. I like to think that I have become a better writer because I concentrate more on just writing and getting my thoughts down instead of focusing on every little detail in the beginning. All in all, I really enjoyed this course and have picked up a lot of writing skills that will definitely be useful for me in the future.




  1. Kristina Lucenko

    Thanks for this, J! Easing up a bit on the perfectionism in the early stages of writing is super important. It’s hard to remember this when we care deeply about the ideas we are conveying or about the audience we want to reach. But perfect doesn’t happen in one sitting/draft/day! And it doesn’t happen alone… we need others to help us shape our ideas and the form those ideas take.

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