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The Home Stretch

Posted on May 5, 2019

          Over the course of the semester, I was able to grow as a writer in several ways. In terms of rhetoric, I was able to demonstrate effective storytelling through the Literacy Narrative. Through multiple revisions, I learned how to show not just tell using multiple anecdotes that incorporated vivid imagery and detailed descriptions to bring my past experiences to life. Because of this, I was able to convey the significance of the topic of my narrative which was photography. I also learned that rhetoric is not only demonstrating the importance of your topic to yourself, but also to your audience.


          As for academic writing and research, I learned where to find reliable sources and how to analyze them. I am grateful for the library sessions because they taught me how to navigate the university’s database and that I have an abundance of resources at my disposal. The I-Search Essay also taught me a great deal about in-text citations and how to properly format a works cited page. It is also through this essay that I became more aware of where I was going to look for my sources, why they were reliable, and how I would have to modify what I searched. The I-Search Essay and Researched Argument both taught me to pay more attention to my audience. Because I am catering to an academic audience the sources that I use have to be as reliable as possible.


          Alongside these things, seeking out advice from others and having your peers review your work reminded me that writing doesn’t always have to be done alone. Receiving different points of view has allowed me to expand my horizons, think beyond my tunnel vision, and overcome writer’s block. The course has also instilled in me more confidence. Initially, I thought three essays would be very overwhelming, but I took it a step at a time and worked through the whole writing process. I learned that I am capable of not only writing, but also improving my writing. Most importantly, through Writing 102, I learned that writing is a continuous process. No first draft will ever be perfect, and in fact, the final draft won’t be either. It is this that makes writing special to me and motivates me to constantly better my own work. I hope to take everything that I’ve learned in this course with me moving onward, and this course will always be something I think back to.


  1. Gianna

    I loved the whole drafting process that was introduced during this course. I totally agree with your observation about writer’s block, stepping away helps me too! Sometimes reading my paper aloud helps me with writer’s block too because it helps me sound out what is supposed to go next.

  2. Kristina Lucenko

    I love the lifelong learning/growth mindset expressed here, Jessica. WRT 102 is a single course, but learning through and with writing is something we continue to do over a lifetime.

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