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The Importance of This Class

Posted on May 7, 2019

When it comes to the writing we did this semester, I have to say I am quite proud of the progress I’ve made. To start, the most important aspect I’ve learned is still how to cite and use my sources. Through the introduction of things like OWL Purdue I was able to more clearly understand the types of sources I was using, and was able to give them their proper credit. This isn’t just something necessary for this class, because I know at some point in time I will certainly need to write research papers involving citations of others works. Not to mention, I really enjoyed learning about the resources available for students here at Stony Brook. I feel like the class was a great transition into the overall academic atmosphere here, as it provided lots of insight in STEM databases for research purposes. This definitely helped me to find resources and scholarly articles that directly related to my paper. On a more personal note, I also learned how to write specially for a type of audience. Since I had to focus on those of academic backgrounds, it was important to become skillful in addressing these types of people, since they are the ones that will be reading your essay. I additionally was able to experiment more with different writing styles, in order to see which worked best for me. I think having the leniency provided for each essay I was more successful in finding which style I wrote best in, and how it most efficiently displayed my argument to readers. It was a valuable experience to be able to comprehend these concepts, because they will come in handy for classes to come. Although it was only one semester, it was extremely beneficial to take this class, regardless if it was required or not. It definitely made a difference in my writing.


  1. mwashock

    I agree that this class allowed me to explore different writing styles since the essays didn’t have very strict guidelines. This was very different from my high school English class where we had strict guidelines for essays that we had to follow.


    As you said in your post, the tools and abilities this class has provided us are going to be extremely valuable in all of our future academic careers. I’m grateful we had such a competent instructor to guide us in something that will clearly be of great significance in all of our futures.

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