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Final Remarks (Blog Post #10)

Posted on May 2, 2019

          Throughout this semester, our assignments have progressively changed from personal to academic, ensuring that we had a wide range of abilities. By beginning with a narrative I was able to find my voice, though I struggled at first. The narrative was my own individual perspective and path to literacy, and in writing it I became more confident with putting myself into my writing. This ability continued with the I-Search Essay and when it came time for the  Researched Argument, I maintained my voice in order to have a more convincing argument. I had always struggled to keep my personality in my writing of an academic piece and I think that being predisposed to the methods of the first two essays enabled me to overcome this. My argument was stronger because it was more uniquely my attitude towards my individual topic.

          My ability to research also drastically improved and I feel confident that I know how to present a well informed argument. I no longer just accept information presented to me, instead I have to know where it came from to determine if it’s true. I logically question the validity and credibility of sources to ensure the case I am presenting is based on facts. I now see myself as a more flexible writer who can adapt to account for a different perspective audience or a new context, rather than one who generally uses the same structure for most of my works. My writing became more personal, so that where my voice used to very distant, it is now presently guiding the reader through my understanding of the topic. My writing has definitely come a long way is such a short amount of time.


  1. lutting

    I agree that the three essays we wrote in the course allowed us to learn a wide range of abilities in writing. I also agree the starting with the Literacy Narrative helped establish a voice in our writing that could be carried throughout the rest of the essays we wrote.

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