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The End of the Road

Posted on May 4, 2019

Well, this is the end of the road (hopefully). I really enjoyed doing these vlogs because I felt it was a way to express my thoughts and opinions to my classmates. They helped me expand my knowledge and writing skills. I am a more confident writer because these forced me to practice my writing even when I did not want to. If it wasn’t for these, I wouldn’t have written anything except for the papers that were assigned to me for the class. After passing WRT 101 in the fall I was very nervous about registering for WRT 102 because I know it is a challenging class to pass. Not being the strongest writer made me quite worrisome because I knew that the grading was tough and it takes a great deal of work to create a great essay. After taking the class I can say that it is so far the most useful class at Stony Brook. It has taught me how to write clean, effective, and reader-centered documents in a timely manner. Before this class, I would sit at a desk for hours just trying to come up with one paragraph for an essay. But now, I have learned to start by typing all of my thoughts onto a document and edit from there. I owe much of my success to Professor Lucenko, she is a very tough grader. She gives a collection of great comments to help you improve your essay. She is very caring and you can tell she wants every student to succeed, and I definitely felt that as I was progressing through the class. I unquestionably feel like a stronger, more confident writer after taking WRT 102 and I am eternally grateful. I feel like I am able to correct grammar errors throughput my paper and other people’s papers too. I am confident in editing other people’s papers and they tell me I give very good feedback, this is probably because of all the peer reviews sessions we have done in class. I am much better at finding research faster because we were taught how to narrow our searches down with still being able to be very credible and not off of some sketchy website because it was the first thing I found. I still struggle with the way I word sentences sometimes, but I can gladly say that has improved miraculously because I used to have major issues with it. My biggest improvement from this class is the fact that I can go over my essay for a few hours and feel comfortable with it after I am done editing it. Before this, I would just turn in whatever I had and hoped it was “good enough” but now I feel very confident with everything paper I turn in.


  1. alepan

    I really liked how you highlighted all of the aspects that you learned from this class, and I personally feel mostly the same feelings as you because I was never a strong writer to begin with as well, and this class really helped me focus more on my strengths and lessen my weaknesses. In addition, this class in a sense showed me the importance of the revision process and how a paper is not perfect the first try so I am similar to you in that regard as well. Overall, I liked how we were able to blog because people sharing ideas like you and me really helped me see this class in a different light.

  2. Kristina Lucenko

    You grew alot in the course, Hailey, and it was fun to witness it and help in some small way. I appreciate your great attitude and sense of humor — keep striving and stay in touch!

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