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Annoying Ways People Use Sources

Posted on November 13, 2018

One of the concepts that are useful in writing, specifically with regards to sources, is introducing quotations. Essentially, when one does not introduce a quotation but rather initiates a sentence on its own, the readers lack a clear understanding of the background of a given piece of text. A suitable approach in this regard is utilizing one’s own words to introduce a borrowed quotation. Additionally, one can sum up the key idea in the quote or offer the author’s full credentials.

The second key strategy that can be observed from the source is that it is essential to avoid inserting numerous quotations in a row by failing to explore the meaning of each of them. Basically, by aligning numerous quotations, readers fail to grasp the actual point of the meaning that the author wants to convey or generate an opinion concerning the assertions. One of the strategies that can be applied in this case is paraphrasing quotes in an easy to decipher manner. When paraphrasing, it is also essential to incorporate one’s own ideas in order to avoid plagiarism.

The third key strategy when using sources is to apply suitably in-text citation guidelines to enable readers to locate specific sources quickly and in a more accurate manner. Each of the sources should incorporate the author’s full name and the specific title of the resource in question. Other than granting access to the stated sources, proper citation ensures that readers can verify the validity of the information presented in a given piece of text. In addition to this, offering suitable citations ensures that the original author is recognized for the work that he or she has produced.

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