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1st crack at college writing.

Posted on May 7, 2019

This year I learned that the hardest thing for me to do in regard to writing papers is just starting them and trying to get good work done while not rushed for time. For whatever reason, it seemed so much easier to write my papers when I had limited time. A really useful method I used for writing these papers was really choosing a topic I really cared about and really enjoyed writing about. My favorite essay to write was the first personal narrative. Maybe it’s narcissistic but I felt like it was the easiest and flowiest to write about myself and my life experiences. The next essays were a little tougher to write because they required me to do research and include it in my writing which made it much harder to keep my flow correct. The paraphrasing and citing made it more difficult to effectively convey my point to my reader without getting too much into the work of the other author. Doing the research itself was really fascinating and it intrigued me so much that I decided that I wanted to do my researched argument on the same topic. The most effective revisions I did in all my papers were during the peer reviews. These peer reviews reminded me how important it is to get a second pair of eyes on my paper. I used to be slightly hesitant to ask people to review my papers but now I have absolutely no problem asking as many people I need to help me look over my drafts. I have many friends that don’t seem to want any help with their papers but now I realize that I was so wrong to be like that in that past. The best way to improve your papers is to get feedback from a 2nd set of eyes. I think that my time in this class has really improved my writing skills. I always enjoyed writing but I was worried that writing at a college level would be very difficult to master (not saying I’ve mastered it) but I feel like a lot of pressure has been lifted off my chest in that now I know that I can do it and I know I can succeed.


  1. Kelvin Chen

    I also feel like it’s a bit easier write essays when pressed for time. I think there’s a sense of urgency that makes it feel more fluid. I can agree that the personal narrative was easy to write because it was your life. There’s no research involved, your whole life is at your disposal. The peer reviews were also very helpful. I like having others read my paper to see what I could do better and what I did well. Being able to verify that I can write at a college level puts me at ease, buts its not easy. The class has taught me how to write drafts and how to revise them in order to get a good final product.

  2. Kristina Lucenko

    So happy that you have changed your mind about sharing your drafts with others and getting feedback. There’s no shame in peer review!! Asking for a trusted friend to read works-in-progress and offer suggestions for improvement is so important and helpful. Glad you will take that lesson with you as you continue to grow as a writer.

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