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looking back

Posted on May 7, 2019

Throughout this past semester, I have had the privilege of learning more about myself as a writer as well as the art of writing through taking Writing 102. In this course, I have learned more about what rhetoric is, how to write academically with proper research, and more about who I am as a writer.

In this course, a central focus to our work has been furthering our abilities of using rhetoric. Rhetoric in of itself is an element of writing focused on effective argument and persuasion. In the three essays we have prepared, we have used rhetoric to prove the importance of an element in our own lives, research process, and also a certain modern issue. For me, this took the form of explaining to the readers why playing piano yields important lessons in my literacy narrative, discussing the necessity  of the research process in my I-Search, and the pressing urgency of the American amphetamine epidemic in my Research Argument. Further, within these blog posts I have felt myself transform as a writer using rhetoric, feeling as though my more recent posts have exhibited better use of such than my earliest posts.

In preparing some of my blog posts as well as my last two essays, I have learned the importance of the research process and finding appropriate evidence. Before taking this class, I had a great deal of experience with such writing due to high-school courses I took. However, in taking this course, I feel as though I have become better versed in preparing a research argument for an academic paper rather than a less formal work. In undergoing my own research and documenting this process, I have been able to note the flaws in the ways I have prepared my research in the past, and have addressed these moving forward in order to prepare better works.

Lastly, in taking this course I feel as though I have learned more about myself as a writer. Though I feel I have always been a decent writer for school-related topics, the topics of our essays this semester have challenged me to dig deeper. In writing the literacy narrative, I found that my strengths lie mainly within writing on my personal experience and using literary techniques (imagery, etc) to portray my ideas to the reader. In preparing my research for the final two essays, I learned that there were flaws in how I have conducted research in the past – lack of consideration for the origin of my sources, etc – upon which I have improved. In doing so, I felt empowered, knowing that I was bringing about my own personal development in writing. Likewise, the blog posts we have written throughout this semester have taught me more about who I am as a writer as far as my voice, rhetoric, and structural methods go.

Overall, I feel that I have learned a great deal through this course. Though the work has challenged me, I feel it has helped me develop as a writer and has better prepared me for academic writing I will need to do in the future, in regards to my major and other.

Thank you for reading!

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  1. Rev

    You talked about something that I think is a super underrated part of writing: the voice. I think this class really helped develop students’ voices and personal style of writing. In previous classes , most people probably wrote more formulaic essays with a given format and structure. In this class, we had the opportunity to write it however we wanted to with no real reference as to what is a perfect essay.

  2. Kristina Lucenko

    Thanks, Emily. I agree with you that this course asks students to “dig deeper,” and, most importantly, to be open to learning. And I learned alot from reading your essays — thanks for that!

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