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Blog #10 Recap

Posted on May 8, 2019

At the beginning of WRT 102, I was very relucted. I didn’t like that Stony Brook forced us to take a writing class to graduate. English was always a hard topic for me since English is my second language, sometimes in my head, Korean and English collate with each other and disrupt the sentences I try to write. I expected WRT 102 to be a lot like my high school writing class in which, I write an essay and get almost a failing grade for my sentence structure and grammar. But I was happy to see that I was about to talk about the problems I knew I had and see how I could fix them with my professor. I was able to write going that I could talk about it with my professor and get it fixed and clarify things. Overall WRT 102 helped me write better and learn to write with confidence knowing that drafts are supposed to be drafts.

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