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Blog #9 Researched Immigration Effects

Posted on April 22, 2019

While researching the positive effects of immigration, I was amazed by how little research there is. Only a few trusted and reliable sources covered the topic. But even still, within the research papers itself, they state that their studies of taking a group of immigrants and challenging them against a group of native to see who performs better are unethical and would end up giving large varies of data. But I was still able to find research papers that show the growth benefits of immigration. They compared similar countries with the only key differences being the number of immigrants allowed a year. the country with more of an open-door policy tends to make more growth in the economy and innovation in technology and health. I was amazed to see that immigrants are really important yearly to companies and universities. International workers and students actually drive university research and innovation by companies. Due to the short comings of the United States education system, companies and universities are pretty much forced to find more talented individuals from foreign countries. I wish there were more research done on this topic.

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