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Blog #7 How to use Quotes

Posted on April 4, 2019

In Kyle D. Stedman’s “Annoying Ways People Use Sources”, He points out the way people tend to use sources in annoying ways. While reading this, I was thinking about the ways I usually use sources and I noticed that I do a lot of what Stedman finds annoying. One of them is that we should provide at least some sort of background information or context clues to make sure you don’t lose the reader in sources. Sometimes I forget that in writing you should show your reader everything involved in your writing. Without the context of your source, the amount of impact your source has becomes less. If I was to randomly drop a fact in out of nowhere it causes the reader to be confused and sometimes forget the purpose of our paper. Also, Stedman said that once we create an introduction for the quote and state the quote, we need to explain the reason for the quote. Explain the reasoning for the quote, why is it important. Without knowing why it is important, then we won’t know the reason for the quote.

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