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Blog #5 I-Search Topics

Posted on March 7, 2019

There were many topics that I was interested in as a kid from how to become the president to how does time work. As a kid, I wrote them on in a journal so that one day in the future, I could do research about it. I think for this I-search essay, I want to do something that affects me daily or something that will have a strong impact on my life. I considered doing research on Christianity, I wanted to see the history of the bible or the effects religion has on society in general. I also considered as a computer science major if I really need a college degree to find employment. I remember I heard some CEO of a technology company say that they don’t look for college degrees when hiring someone. I wanted to see if there is research done behind this statement. Lastly, I consider if pulling an all-nighter will be beneficial or will actually make you worse at processing and studying. I heard that there were negatives to pulling an all-nighter but I want to see if the pros overcome the cons or if it is the opposite.

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